Neuro Physiotherapy

Neurological Disorders – Stealing away the senses

Nervous systems are the network which is widespread in our entire body. Various organs communicate using this network system. What if complications take place in conveying of message? This is more devastating than disconnection of phone line while talking to your loved ones. Nervous systems are very vital for human survival.

Though the brain and spinal cord are surrounded by tough membrane and packed in the bones of the skull and spinal vertebrae. The nerves lie deep under our skin but are prone to electrochemical and structural imbalances.
The causes vary by disorders and by individual cases, but genetic disorders, congential abnormalities, injuries, lifestyle and environmental factors cannot be avoided.

Neuro Physiotherapy : Aim at maximizing functional potential

Physiotherapists at Pain Free Physiotherapy Clinic, are involved in healing wide range of neurological conditions. Our experts study various neurological symptoms of the patients, after which they begin with the treatments.
The experts with their years of experience and dedication work to improve the lifestyle of the patients. We firmly believe that therapies can heal the neurological conditions. Neurological disorders also affect the persons around the patient and we realize their sufferings.

Our neuro physiotherapists will provide treatment refined to your needs. The physical therapy healing totally relies on the condition of the patient and the prevailing symptoms which will ensure about the physical potentials that can be achieved. Our neurological treatment includes

  • Mobility Treatment
  • Muscle Treatment
  • Functional Treatment
  • Spasticity Treatment
  • Sensory Treatment
  • Fatigue Treatment etc.