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KNEE REPLACEMENT SURGERY The first Total Knee Replacement (TKR) was pioneered by Leslie Gordon Percival Shiers (FRCS) in 1954. He refused to patent his invention, but rather allow other surgeons to modify and improve on his ideas. Who needs Knee Replacement Surgery? We very commonly see elderly ladies walking with sway to one

Shin Splint The pain at the front of lower leg is often referred to as Shin splint. This pain at the front of shin bone can appear due to number of causes. More often it can be categorized into overuse syndrome, resulting from rigorous training. Symptoms of Shin Splint ? Gradual onset

What is Knee Arthroscopy ? An arthroscopy surgery is a minimally invasive operation to repair a damaged joint. The surgeon examines the joint with an arthroscope (joint camera) while making repairs through a small incision.knee arthroscopy can be done to investigate or repair knee joint related problems such as meniscus tears, some

What is Tennis Elbow ? Lateral Epicondylitis/ Epicondylosis commonly known as TENNIS ELBOW is caused due to repetitive wrist and hand movement which require constant gripping action. This condition is categorised in Overuse Injury. The muscles that extend the wrist and fingers backward have a common origin at the outer

What is Repetitive Strain Injury ? The condition is self-explanatory, small repetitive. Movements at work may lead to strain on muscles, tendons, tendon sheath, ligaments, nerves and joints. These injuries are classified as RSI (repetitive Strain Injury). These are again Overuse Injury, which are occupational in origin, so also known as

Overuse Injury Injuries that occur over a period of time, with repeated movement causing micro trauma, finally leading to injuries is referred as Overuse Injury. Such as- repetitive backhand stroke in tennis may lead to tennis elbow, i.e. Lateral Epicondylitis. These conditions are different from sudden injuries like sprained ankle, which

Neck Pain Physiotherapy Neck Pain Physiotherapy is required when you have these symptoms:Stiffness;Restricted neck movements;Grinding sound with neck movements;Stiff nodes around neck muscles called trigger points;Referring pain to back of head. (one side of head, behind the eye, above the eyebrows, sides of jaws or in the arms and hands).Neck pain

Physiotherapy for Ankle and Foot Pain Ankle and Foot have a complex structure so it is prone to arthritis. In most cases, Ankle and Foot pain can be reduce by the medication. But, if swelling and pain become worse day by day then seeing a Physiotherapist is necessary.The Ankle and Foot

6 common ailments which can be treated by Physiotherapy Physiotherapy helps all ages of people who have medical injury, chronic pain and muscles cramps. It is a treatment method which focuses on the science of movement helps to reduce pain and maximize physical strength. After surgery doctors also suggest patients for

CHIROPRACTOR A chiropractor is a medicinal expert who represents considerable authority in the treatment of neuromuscular issue through manual adjustment or through manipulation of the spine. The demand for a chiropractor is increasing as to medical issues filled by unfortunate ways of life and the absence of appropriate exercise. Chiropractors use

Physiotherapy At Home Physiotherapy is the medical treatment of disorders, injury or diseases through physical means rather than surgeries or usage of drugs. It involves exercises and massages. It can also be described as the use of mechanical force and movements with the aid of health professions known as physiotherapists to

Physiotherapy for Shoulder Pain in Delhi Most of us will deal with some shoulder pain at some point throughout our lives. Shoulder pain can be caused by sore muscles, arthritis, injuries, etc. Commonly, impingement is the cause of shoulder pain. Let's explore how postural improvements can help alleviate shoulder impingement, and

Post- Fracture Physiotherapy/ Rehabilitation Physiotherapy is an essential part of a Post- Fracture Physiotherapy/ Rehabilitation. A fracture usually unites in 3 weeks in upper limb fractures and 6 weeks time in lower limb fracture with some exceptions. A fracture union is a lifelong process with modeling and re-modeling phase going throughout

Meralgia Paresthetica Physiotherapy Meralgia Paresthetica is also called as Bernhardt-Roth syndrome.It is a neurological condition that causes numbness, tingling, and sometimes pain in the outer aspect of the thigh, but often not so serious. The lateral femoral cutaneous branch of the femoral nerve compressed in the inguinal ligament is the most

Sciatica Symptoms and Causes Most of us at some point in time may have experienced numbness or tingling sensations due to sleeping foot/leg, which goes off after a few steps on the floor. This is mainly due to the temporary compression of the sciatic nerve. But the condition can get quite

Fitness Center in Delhi In present scenario, every young age students, sports man, business professionals and even job seekers want to be fit. For this they pay high amount and follow the guidelines set for them. They join fitness centers and they work out there for hours. It is actually craze