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Ankle and Foot have a complex structure so it is prone to arthritis. In most cases, Ankle and Foot pain can be reduce by the medication. But, if swelling and pain become worse day by day then seeing a Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy helps all ages of people who have medical injury, chronic pain and muscles cramps. It is a treatment method which focuses on the science of movement helps to reduce pain and maximize physical strength. After surgery doctors also suggest

What is Peroneal Tendon Subluxation/ Rupture ? The Peroneal tendons may dislocate and repetitively subluxation from behind lateral malleolus as a result of trauma in high end athletes. Epidemiology Mostly peroneal subluxation or dislocation occurs in young, active individual/ athletes.. Mechanism of injury Rapid dorsiflexion

Ankle Stretching Exercises Chart. Disclaimer " Remember these Ankle Stretching Exercises are specially designed exercises for therapeutic purpose and should only be done after recommendation by an experienced Physiotherapist. Some exercises may improve the patient’s condition or may be contradicted, so, please consult