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About Pain Free Physiotherapy Clinic

Pain Free Physiotherapy Clinic runs under the able guidance of Dr. Roshan Jha (PT), who has an experience of 10 year. The clinic has achieved the fame, as the Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Dwarka, and one of the Best Physiotherapy clinic in Delhi. We have patients from all over Delhi and NCR.

About Dr. Roshan Jha ( Chief Physiotherapist )

Dr. Roshan Jha (PT) has worked with Batra hospital and medical research centre as Consultant Physiotherapist at west end centre, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi. He was also associated with BLK Super speciality hospital, Rajendra Palace, New Delhi. After having an experience of near around 4 years, by the grace of almighty and blessings of near and dear ones, Dr. Roshan Jha (PT) came up with his own clinic by the Name PAIN FREE PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC on 2nd of Feb. 2013. The clinic has all the necessary facilities and modern equipments. Fortunately, a team of Experienced Physiotherapist got together and worked to the best of their abilities to make up the necessity of a good Physiotherapy centre in Dwarka possible.

Our Motto!

Our aim is to get you back to possible near normal fitness, best of your mobility and strength, alienating all your pains and aches so that you can start afresh. Hence, providing the best possible physiotherapy treatment to our patients”.

Our Areas of Expertise!

Dr. Roshan Jha is highly skilled in manual therapy techniques. The techniques of manual therapy needs great precision as minor errors can have debilitating effects. The skill of manual therapy is developed over the years of practice. Some of the manual therapy techniques that has been practised over years and have proved beneficial are Soft tissue manipulation, Massage, Maitland’s and Mulligan’s mobilization techniques, McKenzie, Cyriax manipulations, HVT, neural mobilization etc. We at PAIN FREE PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC practice all the latest techniques and lot of patients have benefited since the clinic was set up, rather, we would say manual therapy distinguishes us from other clinics.

Dr. Roshan Jha is specialized in dealing with sports and Orthopaedic cases manually with least use of modalities. Contact us for any detailed information.

At PAIN FREE PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC, physiotherapists are well equipped in dealing with all the latest modalities. Dr. Roshan Jha keeps updated with latest researches in the field of Electrotherapy and makes sure that any latest development in the application of modalities is discussed among the Physiotherapist. The dosage is decided according to the severity of condition. We prefer combination of different therapeutic modalities which is superimposed with manual and exercise therapy to achieve desired result.

Discuss your query about electrotherapy or any treatment you are undergoing with our experts to understand the treatment better.

Dr. Roshan Jha is specialized in, and takes special interest in, orthopaedic and sports related conditions. He designs graded exercise programme to relieve pain, strengthen the muscles, increase the joint range of motion, improve the joint sense (proprioception) and balance and improve the flexibility of soft tissues (stretching exercises). His further role is to work on Sport specific proto-type activity designing which will incorporate speed, agility, power, and endurance and plyometric exercise regimes. This helps the athlete get back to the sporting activity. What distinguishes Dr. Roshan Jha from others is his ability to identify the abnormal biomechanical faults and work out an exercise regime to correct it.

Dr. Roshan Jha believes if a task is not done by an expert in the field the best possible outcome can’t be achieved. Moreover if something is not done wholeheartedly the desired result is not up to the mark. Dr. Roshan Jha’s passion is to treat patients and, alleviating patient’s pain and getting them back to near normal, gives him a feeling of accomplishment. Dr. Roshan Jha keeps exploring new techniques and advancements in physiotherapy treatment to provide patients with latest and best possible treatment. 

Dr. Roshan has a belief that..

The smile that comes on patients face after getting well and praises and blessings from patients are his real earning and nothing can match it “.