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Elbow Pain

Elbow Pain

Elbow pain is an inflammation of the tendons at the elbow, and the pain can efficiently respond to physiotherapy when you seek early treatment. Familiar sources of elbow pains diagnosed at the clinic are: Lateral and Medial elbow pain.

The pain treated earlier brings the joints back to normal functioning.


The most common causes of such pains are due to overuse of the elbow in sports and repetitive hand, arm, and wrist movements. These causes include:

  • Joint inflammation;
  • Joint breakdown disease (osteoarthritis);
  • Broken arm;
  • Trapped nerves


Elbow pains are treated in different ways, including surgeries, injections, and physical therapies. Physiotherapy is one of the best ways to manage such pains before the condition worsens.

What is elbow pain physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a useful technique that helps to build up your elbow strength and prevent the pain conditions returning. Physiotherapists are specialists, trained to help patients with pains, to be active and work independently.

Physiotherapy helps you to regain your elbow flexibility through exercise. Stretching your elbow at-least once a day as a Home physiotherapy.

Physiotherapists would also recommend a biceps and triceps strengthening exercise with light weights. Physiotherapy treatments are better as you can avail Physiotherapy at home, rather than visiting a hospital for treatment. 

Types of elbow pain physiotherapy

Elbow Pain
  • Hands-on physiotherapy which involves muscle stretching and massage physiotherapy;
  • taping and strapping to prevent injuries; 
  • Physiotherapy exercises to strengthen elbow muscles and improve their functioning;
  • Sports physiotherapy in Delhi assists many sports people in regaining elbow fitness after sustaining injuries during sports, such as Golfer’s Elbow.
Benefits of Physiotherapy at Home in Elbow Pain

Physiotherapy in Delhi at a clinic could be a problem for many, due to its lousy traffic conditions in the city, large geographical area where traveling long distances could be a problem, and hence putting your health into risk. Therefore, it is better to contact a physiotherapist to come and offer physiotherapy at home.

Physiotherapy at home is cost-effective as compared to you visiting the physiotherapist. Physiotherapist can visit you and see your surroundings, workspace, and make suggestions on posture and exercise that can be done comfortably at home.


Elbow pain physiotherapy at home is the most recommended by Physiotherapists Worldwide. Home is the most comfortable place where you can relax, carry on advised exercises with little disturbances. It is, therefore, advisable to prevent and control elbow pain through consulting a physiotherapist. 


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