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Neck Pain Physiotherapy

Neck Pain

Neck Pain Physiotherapy

Neck Pain Physiotherapy is required when you have these symptoms:

  • Stiffness;
  • Restricted neck movements;
  • Grinding sound with neck movements;
  • Stiff nodes around neck muscles called trigger points;
  • Referring pain to back of head. (one side of head, behind the eye, above the eyebrows, sides of jaws or in the arms and hands).

Neck pain specialist evaluates the misaligned bone in neck, the restricted myofacial tissues, the muscular imbalance around neck, front and back of chest and works to correct them

Younger people working on laptops and phone usually have forward head posture and rounded shoulders which starts to give problems of trigger points and referred pains along with nausea and dizziness. Postural correction and computer ergonomics holds the key in effectively dealing with such patients. Younger population is also prone to prolapsed disc (slip disc) owing to higher neck mobility needs (the neck is also designed is a way that stability is compromised to meet the higher mobility needs). This problem presents as acute neck pain that appears suddenly and most of the times pain is referred to arms and even hands depending on the level of cervical spine at which disc has moved out.

Fibromyalgia is also a condition that is on a rise in younger people, affecting females more than men, as a result of hectic lifestyle and stress to which most of the people aren’t able to cope in metropolitan cities. Stress plays a great role; it takes toll on our neck musculature and makes them stiff. A gentle massage at times is enough to ease this but frequent such episodes may lead to more severe and debilitating effect giving rise to a vicious cycle which is difficult to break and gives rise to regional pain syndrome. We at pain free physiotherapy clinic help you identity the root cause and help you get back a pain free neck.

Altered neck bones alignment can be a probable reason of Vertigo due to kinking of vertebral artery at C2 level where it takes a sharp turn before entering underneath the skull, we can accurately diagnose vertigo and it’s root cause, get your vertigo checked at our clinic by a neck specialist.

Elderly patients generally complains of morning stiffness and pain which gradually improves as the day progresses. If the symptoms of Neck Pain persists in these elderly patients, they need to seek Physiotherapist assistance. This is mostly due to degenerative changes with age, which is normal, as ageing is going to affect every individual sooner or later, in their later stages of life.

As the disc present between the vertebrae loses its water content and solidifies, it becomes thinner and as a result the vertebral bones come closer and rub against one another during neck movement. This causes formation of new bones called Osteophytes around the margins of the adjacent bones, which further reduces the space between the bones. This starts giving pain and stiffness in neck. At times the Osteophytes are large enough to reduce the central canal diameter causing Canal Stenosis. This may present as numbness and tingling in both the hands, if stenosis is in lumbar area (which is more common) presents as numbness and tingling in both the legs.

The vertebral canal is the central space through which spinal cord passes. In more severe cases, the spinal cord may get compressed, this can present with more severe condition called Cervical Myelopathy. Patients will experience weakness in hands and legs and altered walking pattern.

Dietary considerations in healthy individual with cervical pain.

The nutrition has also a role to play in patients suffering from neck pain. The change in work style in today’s world, people hardly spend time in sun, and, activity level has dropped drastically. Vitamin D3 deficiency is very common in almost all the patients we deal. With hypothyroidism getting very common in females the Vitamin D3 and calcium metabolism is affected. Diabetes is also on a rise with more young people getting affected with it (it is again because of lifestyle change), nerves gets weak, and so, vitamin B12 helps to keep a check to it. The micronutrients, which acts as catalyst and enhance metabolic activities in the body are usually present in water and salt, are absent in RO water and salts that we usually consume, so, eat and drink wisely to avoid these issues.

Are you Facing Neck Pain or need Advice on how to take care of yourself to avoid such pain in future. We are just a call away. Call us now to talk to the Best Physiotherapist in Delhi.

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