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Pranayama has advantages for both mental and physical.


Pranayama is an ancient observe of controlling the breath, which is the main source of our prana, or very important vital force. It controls respiration which has deep inhaling, exhaling and retention of breath. according to modern medical science.

Physically, Pranayam seems to be a systematic exercise of respiration, that makes the lungs stronger, improves blood circulation, makes the person healthier and bestows upon him the boon of an extended life.

Most of the person don’t have the habit of respiration deeply with the result that solely one quarter part of the lungs is brought into action and seventy five percent remains idle. with the result that they get contaminated by many diseases like TB, respiratory diseases and several other ailments like coughing, bronchitis etc.

Pranayama will relieve symptoms of bronchial asthma. it’s additionally helpful in treating stress connected disorders, like anxiety and depression.