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Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy


sports Physiotherapy


Sports Physiotherapists are specialized personals who deals with injuries and issues related to sports people. They have sport specific detailed knowledge and can diagnose and treat all sorts of acute, chronic and overuse injuries.

Sports injuries are different from other day to day injuries. Sport persons normally perform relatively very high level of activity which stresses their skeletal system, muscles and ligaments to extreme limits. Sports physiotherapists help athletes recover from sporting injuries, guide in proper training activity and provide necessary guidelines to prevent injuries.

Physiotherapist in sports injuries treats athletes by electrical means, thermal means, mechanical agents, manually, therapeutic exercises and with special techniques.

According to WCPT (world confederation of physical therapy) Physiotherapist in Sports, uses set of methods, techniques and performances, which through the use and application of physical agents prevent, recover and readjust to persons with locomotor, produced by sport or exercise at different levels.

The Physiotherapist in Sport has the following specific functions:

  • Sports Physiotherapist advises the sports person and professionals linked to it and perform any actions that help improve overall condition of athlete and avoid injury to the athlete.
  • The Physiotherapist alerts athletes how to avoid, as far as possible, all those factors that might bring up injuries by sports in general and in particular sports, associated injuries and / or consequences of injury primary, and its possible recurrence.
  • The Physiotherapist works to regain the functionality of the athlete quickly which accelerates the biological processes of recovery from injury, limiting his training as little as possible and ensure that they are reinstated with the greatest prospects for success.
  • The Physiotherapist uses his knowledge in making the athlete begins his sport in the physical conditions as similar as possible to those presented before the injury.
    The Physiotherapist in Sport work to regain the functionality of the athlete as quickly as possible, accelerating the biological processes of recovery from injury, limiting his training as little as possible and ensure that they return to sports with the greatest prospects for success.
  • RESEARCH the sports therapist should document the treatment and outcome of patients and can indulge in research to come up with better treatment protocols for quicker and better recovery of athletes.

We at PAIN FREE PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC are well equipped with latest treatment techniques in sports persons. In recent times sports have come a long way with advancements and high demand it puts on athletes. So the athletes are more prone to injuries.

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