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Ankle and Foot Pain treatment Tag

Ankle and Foot have a complex structure so it is prone to arthritis. In most cases, Ankle and Foot pain can be reduce by the medication. But, if swelling and pain become worse day by day then seeing a Physiotherapist

Types of Ankle and Foot Pain High Ankle Sprain/ Syndesmosis InjuryAnterolateral impingementOsteoarthritis (OA)Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)MetatarsalgiaFractures around ankleOsteochondritis dissecans of TalusTibialis anterior tendonitisPosterior tibialis tendonitis/ruptureTarsal tunnel syndromeDeltoid ligament rupturePosterior impingement(Os trigonum syndrome)Flexor hallusis longus tenosynovitisAchilles tendonitis/ ruptureRetrocalcaneal bursitisAnkle sprainRupture of peroneal retinaculumPeroneal